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TOMY Omnibot 2000, 5402 Remote Control Plastic Sliding Power Switch - Replacement Part

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As our beautiful 80's robots age, things break. It's just not fair! You deserve to have the perfect robot you played with or longed for.

We're here to help!

We meticulously measured and replicated every line and bump, so the new switch works just as well as the original.

We confirmed this plastic slider works with the Omnibot 2000 and original Omnibot 5402.

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* Compatible with the TOMY Omnibot 2000 (Model No. 5405) and Omnibot (Model No. 5402)
** I expect this will work with the TOMY Hearoid (Stock No. 2010) and Radio Shack Robie Sr. (Catalog No. 60-2398) (though I've not personally verified them).
*** Metal conductor not included
**** Remote Control not included