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TOMY Omnibot 2000, 5402, Hearoid, Radio Shack Robie Sr. Gear Box External Wheel Drive Gear - Replacement Part

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Tragically, parts on our vintage robots break. Up until now, the only alternative has been to buy an extra robot to use for spare parts. What a shame.

While there are 3D printed gears available, they won't likely last another 30 years. Our polyurethane resin gears are made to last. You don't need to be careful with these. They're as strong as the original. You deserve the best, so, don't settle for sub-standard replacement parts for your refurbished robot.

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* Gear has 27 teeth and is 43mm (1.7in) in diameter
** Compatible with the TOMY Omnibot 2000, Omnibot 5402, TOMY Hearoid Omnibot, and Radio Shack Robie Sr. Robots
*** Gear Only. Robot not included