Realistic Flying Fox Bat Skull (Unfinished Resin Blanks) - Medium

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We love incorporating the beauty of skulls into our pieces and prefer to use sculpted resin cast pieces rather than the real deal. Now, you can too! We're offering our Resin Cast Bat Skull Blanks for use in your projects. The bat skull master was meticulously sculpted and molded so we'd have a unique and perfect piece for casting.

It's easy for you to include our bat skulls in your pieces because they are consistent in size and color. We can't wait to see what you make.

Make something Delightfully Dark with me today!

  • Medium Bat Skull is 2.75in x 1.4in x 1.10in (70mm x 36mm x 28mm)

* Our resin skulls are humanely sourced from our very own free-range silicone molds.
** Here's a little something we made using our Flying Fox Bat Skull Resin Blanks.