Demolding Omnibot 5402 tires

Omnibot 5402 Tire Molds

When we got our Omnibot 5402, his tires were in terrible shape. One side was very flat on 3 of the four tires, and the poor guy couldn't roll.
Since we wanted an Omnibot or his bigger brother, the Omnibot 2000, ever since we were younger looking at them at Service Merchandise, we knew that we had to make him roll again. We designed the new tires to look as similar to the original's as possible.
Our molding and casting process is well defined, allowing us to do mini-mass production batch runs to produce matching tire sets.

Here's the final part of our casting process when we de-mold, inspect, and trim off the flashing.

These tires fit the following robots:
TOMY Omnibot (Model No. 5402), TOMY Hearoid (Stock No. 2010) and, Radio Shack Robie Sr. (Catalog No. 60-2398)

Get your replacement tires here!

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