Resin Casting Services

We appreciate the time and effort that goes into making beautiful one-of-a-kind sculptures. In talking to many artists and selling my works over the years, I've heard a common theme in the two-dimensional art world:

"Original artwork doesn't sell as quickly or as often as prints," and "I make more money from my prints than I do originals."

This realization pushed us to learn the art of mold making to produce copies of our works while capturing the beauty and detail of the original. Thus, we're able to provide an equivalent of "prints" to the 3D Sculpting world.

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Kiptoo Tarus - Maji Mazuri Sculpture

Our goal is to help you spend time doing what you do best, which is create.

Our process is simple:

Tell us what you need
We'll work with you
We'll deliver a plan to
achieve your goals

Send us your model (Concept Drawings, Digital Scan, or Model).

Upon receipt, we'll prepare the master model for the mold-making process, making the molds and finished castings.

Upon completion, we'll deliver the finished castings.

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    We'll stay in contact throughout, so you'll always know where we are in the process and get your approval at key points along the way to ensure we're on the same page.

    We record videos and take photos of every part of the process and share with you to share the entire experience with your followers and customers.

    We offer solid, hollow, and hollow with filler (typically for larger pieces that need reinforcement).

    We'll hang onto your molds so we can make more pieces in the future. If at any time you want the molds, we'll be happy to send them to you.