About Daboo Designs

We love making props and decorations you'll be proud to show off. Our products and services are sure to leave a lasting impression, showing off your unparalleled sense of style.

We offer a variety of unique pieces ranging from hand-cast doll head and skull candleholders as well as laser-engraved spirit boards and drink coasters

Having designed and created products using various mediums and technologies, we use what we've learned to take your products to the next level. 

Services we offer:

  • 3D Scanning: We'll scan your item, edit the scan file, and create various products such as statuettes, magnets, and jewelry.
  • 3D Printing: We'll 3D print the modified scan files to provide a master model of each new product. 
  • Mold Making/Casting: We make molds from the master model so that your pieces can be mass-produced.
  • Laser Cutting/Engraving: We'll take your images/drawings and convert them into laser-engraved acrylic or wood products.

Our attention to detail and unique style is why Halloween24x7 is your favorite decor and prop shop!