Do you want to expand your product line?

  • Do you want to expand your product offering?
  • Do you want to provide variants of existing products?
  • Does mold-making take you away from creating?
  • Are your silicone molds time-consuming to make?

Creating a product line from start to finish

We can help save you time, increase your product offering, and throughput!


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We'll work with you to design a product line. It's as easy as:

Tell us what you need
We'll work with you
We'll deliver a plan to
achieve your goals

Send us your model

We'll replicate it and create multiple products based on the design

You'll enjoy the profits from your increased offering


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Various Mold Photos

  • Using our efficient silicone mold-making techniques, molds can be quickly replicated to make more castings in less time.
  • Want us to cast and finish your pieces? We offer a turnkey solution for that.
  • Want the molds so you can cast and finish your pieces? We'll send them to you so that you have full creative control.
  • Need a mold that requires a mother-mold. We'll deliver our efficient matrix/mother-mold. The matrix/mother-mold shell may be reused many times, thus keeping future expenses down.


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